• Robert H. Carnie, University of Calgary
  • Evelyn S. Firchow, University of Minnesota
  • Robert E. Lewis, Indiana University
  • Jack B. Morrell, University of Bradford
  • Marijane Osborn, private scholar, Lancaster
  • Warwick J.B. Owen, McMaster University
  • William S. Ramson, Australian National University
  • Stanley Starosta, University of Hawaii


  • IASH moves to larger premises at 17 Buccleuch Place, next door to the house where The Edinburgh Review was founded in 1802 by Francis Jeffrey and others.
  • Visiting Speakers include Franco Venturi, Harry Levin, Eric P. Hamp, and Francis John Byrne.

Marijane Osborn: “Professor Beattie became a wonderful friend, we went to dinner and the theater together, and I have the poems he wrote me to remember him by. What I remember best about those days is my friendship with him and a couple of others like him, that my husband called my “old men,” and walking in the parks around Moray Place. I lived in a top-floor flat in Moray Place, accessible by an even then antique elevator – sorry, “lift” – and took my walks along the Water of Leith, and accomplished the research that advanced me well on the way to being where and who I am. It was a wonderful experience.”


Professor Robert H. Carnie, “Scottish Presbyterian Eloquence Displayed in Scott, Galt & Hogg”

Professor Peter E. Firchow, “Kipling’s Mary Postgate: The Barbarians and the Critics”

Dr Robert E. Lewis, “The Sources, Influence and Contemporary Popularity of the Pricke of Conscience”

Professor Alastair T. McKinnon, “Kierkegaard and the Computer”

Dr Marijane Osborne, “The Coded Runic Inscriptions on the Franks Casket”; “The Wanderer: Drama or Meditative Prayer”

Professor W.J.B. Owen, “Wordsworth’s The Borderers ad the Aesthetics of Drama”

Dr William S. Ramson, “The Comic Poems in the Bannatyne MS”

Plaque to Francis Jeffrey, 18 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh
Marijane Osborn
Robert H. Carnie
Book cover: "Gentlemen of Science" by Jack B. Morrell and Arnold Thackray