• Gavin W.R. Ardley, University of Auckland
  • Geoffrey N. Cantor, Hendon College of Technology
  • Robert H. Carnie, University of Calgary
  • Mark G. Dilworth, Fort Augustus Abbey School
  • Thomas P. Gorman, University of Nairobi
  • George P. Mayhew, California Institute of Technology
  • Alastair T. McKinnon, McGill University
  • Jay L. Robinson, University of Michigan
  • Christopher J. Rowe, University of Bristol
  • Charles R. Sanders, Duke University
  • Patrick J.S. Whitmore, City of London School


  • Professor William Beattie CBE, Librarian of the National Library of Scotland, is appointed IASH’s first Honorary Director.

William Beattie, “Some new ideas turn out to be quite old after all.”

“Beattie’s interests were as diverse as his fellow IASH Committee members; his speciality was medieval literature but he also embraced fields relating to Scandinavian studies and in particular its links with Scotland. Beattie’s appointment at IASH was part-time and his long service at the NLS allowed him to keep access to a number of manuscripts and primary materials to conduct his own research. That Beattie was able to continue his own research aligned him with the founding principles of IASH as a place of individual academic research and service to the wider academic community.”

p.187: Lauder, Charlotte. ‘Constructing Hidden Narratives‘. In Feingold, Mordechai (ed.) 2018, History of Universities, Vol. 31/2. Oxford: OUP.


Professor Robert H. Carnie, “‘Scottish Presbyterian Eloquence Displayed’ in Scott, Galt and Hogg”

A pencil drawing of William Beattie by Jean Beattie
Front page of 'The Student', 1972, showing Gordon Brown standing for University Rector against Sir Fred Catherwood
The Forth Bridge, 1972