Research Projects

At present Steve is dividing his time between IASH (Link) and the STIS subject area. Overall, he is focusing on four types of research.

In his role at IASH, Steve is involved in directing the institute and in promoting the work conducted there by post-doctoral and early-career fellows and by the numerous academic visitors. He has overall responsibility for the academic direction of IASH and is centrally involved in its thematic focus areas: environmental humanities, medical humanities and digital humanities.

Second, Steve is wrapping up work on a group of projects about climate knowledge and climate policies. These include an ESRC-funded project on the Politics of Monitoring which examined the links between policies and monitoring in three UK policy areas including climate policy. There is also a project supported by the Research Council of Norway and led by Göran Sundqvist. This project, entitled “Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge as a Policy Instrument in Climate Policy examines the issue of the public credibility of climate knowledge. The work on these projects is reported in recent journal articles and book chapters. Steve also referees on climate topics for the THE and recent reviews can be consulted here.

A third activity relates to a large international project funded by NERC and the Belmont Forum, on “Food security and land use: the telecoupling challenge”. This project aims to use modelling techniques to understand and interpret the links (immediate and remote) between agricultural practices and environmental change. Steve’s role within this consortium is mostly focused on stakeholder engagement with the modelling process.

Finally, Steve is taking advantage of the scholarly atmosphere of IASH to develop two writing projects. First, he is working on a book on the sociology of the climate-changed world. He is also preparing a short book on the social sciences in the genomic age.

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