Dr Adam Linson

Nominated Fellow

Home Institution: University of Stirling

Nominated Fellow at IASH from December 2017 - September 2018

Project: Active inference in ecologically situated auditory cognition

Dr Adam Linson is currently researching how the frameworks of active inference and predictive processing can inform models of ecologically situated auditory cognition, with applications in computational psychiatry. More broadly, his interdisciplinary research focuses on relationships between perception, action, and environment, centred on affordances, drawing on philosophy, cognitive science, artificial intelligence/robotics, and psychology/neuroscience. His postdoctoral work at the University of Oxford, University of Edinburgh, and University of Dundee builds on his doctoral research on AI/robotics and embodied music cognition at the OU Centre for Research in Computing. He also holds a Master of Fine Arts from Bard College and a BA (Hons) in Philosophy from UC San Diego.