Saints and Sinners: Literary Footprints of Mary and Margaret, Queens of Scots

Event date: 
Thursday 6 October to Friday 7 October
Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, 2 Hope Park Square, EH8 9NW

This conference will focus on the two most famous Queens of Scots, St Margaret (d.1093) and Mary (d. 1587), exploring how female threat is represented and – potentially – neutralised in literature and visual culture across the medieval period. To date, little serious academic study of Margaret has been undertaken, and further study into Mary beyond her infamy and demise has been limited. This conference seeks to both promote and explore the two most famous queens of Scots, both in terms of their literary and historical representation and in terms of their impact on the representation of Scottish queenship throughout the medieval period. We wish to encourage study into the way prominent women, especially queens, attracted discussion on medieval gender roles. Margaret and Mary function as opposite sides of the Madonna/Whore, Saint/Sinner stereotypes that dominate female representation in the medieval period and through to the modern age, and this conference would also encourage all submissions that encompass female representation more widely, taking these two opposites as a basis.

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